Cocktail Masterclass
Cocktail Masterclass


Cocktail Masterclass

Are you ready to shake, stir and muddle like a pro? Enhance your cocktail making with Blackbird Café and Cockle Bay Wharf.


Competition ends Wednesday 17 July


The Balcony Level Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Win a Cocktail Masterclass with Blackbird Café.

This month we’re giving away a cocktail class for four with Blackbird Café. Tell us your favourite cocktails in the comments of our Facebook post for a chance to win.

We’ll be picking our favourite cocktail crew from the eligible comments at 12:00pm on Wednesday 17 July. Winners can claim their cocktail experience at flexible times Monday – Friday or 12pm-3pm on Saturday.

The Cocktail Masterclass is not redeemable for cash. This experience is not for use in conjunction with any other offers or promotions. Dates subject to availability.

So…What kind of cocktail are you?


Tequila Sunrise

Your friends see you as a ray of sunshine, always there to brighten up their days. You’ve got a warm personality, a creative streak and sweet side.

Whisky Sour

You’re a classic. Bold, proud and unapologetic. Some might call you sour, while other understand where you’re coming from. To those who love and trust you, you’re a reliable and trustworthy friend.

Bloody Mary

You’re Whisky Sour’s counterpart. Bloody Mary’s can be strong-willed, outspoken and a little stubborn at times. They also have a zest for life and very occasionally, a sweet side. Best found in their happy place on Sunday mornings.

Espresso Martini

Energetic. That’s the first thing that people think about Espresso Martini’s. You give 100% to every task or situation. Typically, you love a challenge and can often be found zipping around a sports field.


If you’re a simple Mojito, you’re a classic good friend. A solid mix of qualities muddled up into a top-quality companion. However, Mojito’s come in many varieties. You’ve got passionfruit, who loves a bit of drama. Then there’s spiced rum, who likes to keep things interesting, and finally pink grapefruit, who likes the sweet side of life but hides a sour side.

Champagne Cocktail

You’re the fashionista of the group. Known for having a taste of the good life, you desire all things expensive. You’re not greedy though, choosing to share your spoils with your loved ones.