Save room for Mushrooms

Find your perfect mushroom dish this winter.


Friday 24 May - Saturday 15 June 2019


Cockle Bay Wharf, 1 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW 2000
Try a tasty mushroom dish at Cockle Bay Wharf this weekend.

While our glowing mushrooms might be good for your soul, our mushroom dishes are good for your body. Mushrooms are packed with fibre and protein, plus they’re low in calories.

The classic one
Feast on wild mushroom risotto with assorted mushrooms, parmesan & truffle oil. It’s a decadent, but homely treat. Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is a top spot when you’re in the mood for fresh flavours and traditional cooking. Pair your mushroom risotto with a tempting Riesling and you’re in for a dinner treat. Book your table today.

Seafood Risotto

On the sauce
Like your mushrooms as a tasty final touch? Order a Grainge scotch steak served with creamy mash potato and mushroom sauce. This poursome sauce binds all the elements of the dish together with a lip-smacking mushroom flavour. A savoury Barossa or Heathcote Shiraz goes great with the steak’s pronounced beef flavour. Grab it from Adria Bar Restaurant.

Adria Steak

The Aussie one
Get your mushroom fill with a pie. The I’m Angus signature beef & mushroom pie with red wine sauce comes served with mash. The depth of flavour comes from the red wine jus and its textural delight comes from the crispy, crunchy pastry meeting the silky mash potato. Consider pairing it with a strong Ale or Pinot Noir at I’m Angus Steakhouse.

Beef and Mushroom Pie

Bit on the side
Treat yourself to a braised lamb shank wrapped in pastry, served with mixed berry jus, mash and buttered carrots. Get your extra veggie hit with a side order of button mushrooms and garlic butter served in a cast iron pan at Hunter and Barrel. For a surprising pairing, try a Chardonnay or aged Hunter Valley Semillon.

The kid friendly one

Dash down to Blackbird Café and order the Cotto E Funghi Pizza. It’s a mouthwatering pizza that includes mozzarella, ham and Swiss brown mushrooms. The addition of stealthy mushrooms is perfect for fussy eaters. The adults can match it with a funky cocktail, like a Blue Heart Bliss. Kids can pair it with a milkshake, smoothie or class lemon, lime & bitters. 

Blackbird Pizza