Mushroomed: The Back Story

Take a trip with us to the magical mushroom wonderland.


Friday 24 May - Saturday 15 June 2019


Lights on from 6:00pm


Cockle Bay Wharf, 1 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW 2000
Read the mythical story behind Mushroomed.

Step into a forest. It’s dark. A thick tree canopy covers the sky. The ground is soft and squishy, covered in tiny toadstools that thrive in the dark, damp conditions.

Life in the woodland is quiet and sombre with the forest light blocked by the tree canopy. The nights are long under the thick roof, little light reaches the ground and nothing can grow.

Invigorated by a crack of lighting the forest begins to change. Light scatters. Bouncing from natural surface to natural surface. Infusing itself in the porous mushroom floor.

The mushrooms begin to balloon. Slowly inflating to a colossal size. Infused with electric energy, they start to glow.

As new light seeps around the undergrowth, the mushrooms illuminate the woodland and their size dwarfs the darkness of the thick tree canopy.

The forest begins to change. There’s a palpable energy in the air and the mushroom glow changes over time with their slow heartbeat revealing itself in light.

They inject their light magic into the atmosphere and as the mushrooms grow, they spawn new life. Mushroom spores carry in the wind to create new wonderlands.

Carried in the wind, they land at Cockle Bay Wharf. Watch them illuminate the night sky in the city centre.