Fathers Day at Cockle Bay Wharf
Fathers Day at Cockle Bay Wharf


A Date with Dad

Whether it’s burgers and beer or ravioli and Rioja there’s a perfect meal for Dad at Cockle Bay Wharf.


Sunday 1 September


The Promenade Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Treat Dad to a special lunch this Father’s Day.

Match your dad with our cast of characters below and book him the perfect Father’s Day experience at Cockle Bay Wharf.


Super Sam

Super Sam is the handyman dad. He’s always there to fix a leaking tap or squeaky door. He shows up when you need to move to a new apartment or take your car to the mechanic. His strength and DIY know-how should be celebrated at Hunter & Barrel. Treat your super dad to lunch on Sunday 1 September.


Awesome Andy

He loves a cracking pun or cheesy dad joke. With a friendly ear, great advice and a penchant for humour, Awesome Andy is a fun dad.  He’ll love a beer with a Darling Harbour view. Feed Awesome Andy at Adria Bar Restaurant this Father’s Day.


Nagging Neil 

He wants the best for you but Nagging Neil can go on about it for months. From making sure your car is insured, to checking on your super fund or house deposit, you’ll hear Neil’s newest nag. He takes his dad duties very seriously and deserves a treat. Surprise him at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant.


Lovely Larry

A warm heart, big hugs and hearty meals. These are the hallmarks of a Lovely Larry. He’s a big softie and a great dad. Offering sage advice and a friendly ear, he’s always got your best interests at heart. Repay the favour by celebrating Lovely Larry at Baia The Italian. Dads receive a free beer on arrival and a $50 voucher.


Money-obsessed Martin

Money-obsessed Martin is a smart shopper and a savvy spender.  He loves classic pub feed and a happy-hour drink. Why not treat him to a quick lunch at Pontoon Bar?


Hungry Harold

Harold is the hungry dad. From sofa snacks to midnight feasts, he’s always got something on to go. Feed this dad’s appetite on Father’s Day. Treat Hungry Harold to a perfect lunch at Blackbird Café, he’ll even get a free Stella on arrival.


Juicy Jim

Jim loves nothing more than a bit of gossip. He’s right up there with Mum and her gaggle of friends. He knows exactly what Linda from next-door has been up to and isn’t afraid to share it with the family. Get Juicy Jim’s latest gossip over hot chocolate and cake at the Lindt Café Cockle Bay Wharf.


Straight-forward Steve

There’s no messing around with straight-forward Steve. He’s a practical, tough-love dad.  Treat him to classic steak and red wine lunch this Father’s Day at I’m Angus Steakhouse.


Musical Michael

Michael’s always been a groover. Back in the day he’d be taking his laid-back vibes from the beach to the bar through his live music. These days he’s less about being a rock star and more about supporting the young ones. Reignite Michael’s love for live music this Father’s Day at Tokio Hotel.


Jiving Geoff

Geoff loves to boogie. Forgive the Dad dancing and let him loose for one night only. See him shimmy and shake his way across the dancefloor at Home The Venue. He’ll be busting out the big shapes and kicking up his heels before you know it.


Pete The Planner

Pete is future dad. He’s always dreaming up a family get-together, a reason to host an event or something to look forward to. He’ll be planning your perfect wedding at Dockside or L’Aqua before you know it.  Let Pete The Planner loose at Cockle Bay Wharf to fulfil all his venue dreams.