Cirkus Bizurkus - IN BED@HOME
Cirkus Bizurkus - IN BED@HOME


Cirkus Bizurkus - IN BED @ HOME

Home the Venue presents Cirkus Bizurkus - IN BED @ HOME

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5 March - 20 March


6:30pm - Late


Home the Venue, Cockle Bay Wharf

Join the boisterous and brilliant Brendan de la Hay for an unforgettable night, packed full of Sydney’s elite performers. 

Enjoy the burlesque singing sensation Lou P Scarlett, the how-on-earth magic of Dare the Magician, the incredible strength and grace of professional circus artists Duo AAura, and the delightful drag stylings of KING. 

IN BED @ HOME is a groundbreaking event for the Sydney nightlife scene, in which an entire nightclub is being transformed into an immersive, one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. With Queen size beds for guests to recline, relax and enjoy dazzling entertainment custom-choreographed for each event, complete with champagne and bedside service. Strict adherence to Covid Safe practices ensures the comfort and safety of all involved in these unforgettable events, built around unexpected moments, stunning artistic shows and more than a few laughs.


Friday 5 March - GET YOUR TICKETS

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Saturday 20 March - GET YOUR TICKETS