Liquid Light Fantastic Oceans Vivid 2018
Liquid Light Fantastic Oceans Vivid 2018


Art inspired by a natural phenomenon
Meet the (not so) humble jellyfish.

With a light show to rival the Opera House display, Fantastic Oceans by Vivid and Liquid Light at Town Square will ignite your imagination. Inspired by one of the most mysterious and beautiful underwater creatures, this ‘dream-like dive into the ocean depths’ will leave you with one question: what’s the deal with jellyfish anyway?

 We’ve collected some jellyfish facts to help you better understand one of the earth’s most interesting animals.

Jellyfish have no brain, heart, bones or eyes. They have a smooth body and tentacles with tiny, stinging cells that paralyse their prey. Don’t worry they mostly eat small ocean animals like fish, shrimp, crabs and tiny plants.

Jellyfish come in all different colours from the opaque to vibrant pink, blue and yellow. Many jellyfish are bioluminescent and create their own special light display underwater. 

You might not like coming face-to-face with one of these floating tentacle terrors but an underwater meeting is much more likely than you might expect. In fact, there are 38 million tonnes of them in just the top 200 metres of the ocean and as you dive deeper you’ll find even more.

Jellyfish are old. They have been floating around mostly unchanged for 500 million years. These creatures are older than the oldest-known dinosaur and have survived five extinction events.

Some jellyfish can actually turn back time. A few species will wait out difficult ocean conditions by reversing their development and turning back into jelly-children. Now that’s a superpower we want!

Jellyfish are great at making more jellyfish. Some species have an incredible number of offspring. The large moon jellyfish has been recorded to release over 400,000 young at a time. Wow!

Because of their ability to reproduce, there is such a thing as a swarm of jellyfish – gulp. In jellyfish terms, this is known as a bloom. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad after all?

Fantastic Oceans

Fantastic Oceans is one of the most anticipated displays of the 2018 Vivid program.

According to Vivid Sydney Water features come to life as jellyfish in a fantastic display of colour; special fountains emulate corals and deep-sea flora; lasers ripple like waves of the ocean or etch the silhouette of creatures from the deep. Moving-head lighting technologies emit bright beams of light skyward — like glistening shards of sunlight piercing the surface of this fantastic underwater world. For visitors, a walk through Darling Harbour becomes a dream-like dive into the ocean depths.”

Want to create your own jellyfish inspired display? Visit Cockle Bay Wharf and meet our mad scientists who’ll help you create your own Liquid Light artwork. Then stand back and watch in wonder as it’s projected onto a giant jellyfish high above Town Square.